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Extremely Secret Diary
Remus Lupin
I've been a bit under the weather for a bit. Okay, I've been fucking pissed off my arse. What's going on?

And whisper when you type; my head is fucking pounding.
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Its a bloody bitch and she just won't go away! She's in heat too, obviously. She's walking around, sniffing at everything, especially my crotch, and I tell you, she's so dripping wet its obvious. Its bloody disgusting. I'd be disgusted, even if I weren't a pouf.

So every time I leave, I throw a stick at her. She doesnt' take the hint because whenever I return, the bitch is back again.

Sometimes I really hate being a bloody werewolf. To a bitch, we must smell even more enticing than your usual mutt.

On a side note, having Hoochie-mama here for hols has been delightful. She's a wonderful companion, and we've taken in some of the best shows. And of course, dined at some of the finest restaurants as well.

We both miss Sirius as well. She's a good friend. Nice to not have that confused with shagging.

Perhaps she can think of a way to get rid of that stray dog outside.

Attitude: bitchy bitchy
Tunes: The Bitch is Back ~ Elton John

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Sirius is dead. Damn. I wanted him to pose in my next issue too.

Wizporn, Inc. is taking off. Not just its clothes either. The company has become an umbrella for all my many publications, and damn its nice to be swimming in galleons.

So I'm worn out now. My arse is sunburned too. Today we were shooting the pictures for "Witches on Broomsticks" and "Cocky Wizards and the Size of Their Wands." I ended up naked by the lake and fell asleep. (Long story. Mmmm, very long.) Red tush and not from spanks. Not my favourite kind of sore. Nope, not at all.

Am fucking furious at Sirius. First prison and now dead.

Time to raid the liquor cabinet. My spirits are low, so I'll drink some. Me and the Magiquila.

I'll be sleeping on my belly tonight.

Attitude: sunburned

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